New Deal Napkin Founders Howell Deck 8.625"

Griptape not included.

Reimagined from the heritage version of Andy Howell’s deck that was 9 5/8” wide, 14” wheelbase, 6 1/4” nose, and a 6 7/8” tail. Andy wanted a popsicle shape with a bit of his original shape for his personal rider. 

The modern Howell board is 8 1/2” wide, 14 1/2” wheelbase, 7 1/8” nose, and a 6 3/4” tail. This board is on a concave with mellow hips and an ample 2 fingers of flat for a gentle tipping point.

This board will satisfy someone who rides a popsicle or a shaped board, and might just have you surprised doing a manual down the block.