New Deal WTF Rocking Horse Deck 8.25"

Griptape not included.

8 1/4” - This is a modern board in the most popular concave I have used for many millions of boards over the last 20 years. 8 1/4” wide, 14 1/4” wheelbase, 7” nose, and a 6 3/4” tail. This mold has well defined hips and a nose that is steeper than the tail. When it came out we thinned out boards by 5% as there was enough concave structure to support it. This allowed the boards to have the right amount of flex and return when you crack an ollie, and gave a better level of pop than the prior generation of boards. The nose was steepened as skaters said they wanted it taller, and after all when you do tricks off the nose it is usually in front of you and that is not the opposite of how you use your tail behind you.