New Deal WTF Sticker Pile Deck 7.875"

Griptape not included.

Based on the OG New Deal Siamese deck from my archives, this deck was not symmetrical even though it made you think it might be. 9 5/8” wide, 14” wheelbase, 6 1/4” nose, and a 6 3/4” tail. For the relaunch of New Deal Skateboards and to inspire the next generation of skaters, they have reimagined the Siamese board to be totally symmetrical in shape and mold. The goal is to get skaters the right sized board to progress with, that way their energy is spent on the tricks and not battling a board that’s too large and heavy.

For skaters under 5ft tall there is a 7 7/8” wide, 13” wheelbase, 6 1/2” nose and tail. These 7 plies are thinner and are 5% & 10% lighter in lamination alone not to mention shape.

The Siamese board was then looking forward in principle, and again today as switch is a normal part of skateboarding.